ROJ8 Corporation was founded in March 2014.  The following is a clause in the Articles of Incorporation :


The primary purpose of this corporation is to own, manage, use, improve, sell, exchange, lease and hold for investment or otherwise real and personal properties of all kinds, including buildings, houses, apartments and other structures.


Securities and Exchange Commission          CS201404361
BIR registered with TIN issuance                    008-727-120

Chinabank Corporate Account                         281 - 091 4012 

International SWIFT code                                   CHBKPHMM

For wire instructions :    


ChinaBank SM City Clark

G/F, Roxas Street,

Angeles City 2009,                                                                                           Pampanga, Philippines


Rojo8 Corporation owns three properties outright, not financed, with clear title registered at City Hall in Angeles City, Pampanga. The single storey building in Phase 6 of Deca Clark is the  Corporate Headquarters of Rojo8 Properties. The company has two 72 sqm townhouses overlooking the wakeboard park which are rented out to tenants. 


Rojo8 Solutions views Angeles City real estate as a solid yielding long term investment. The company believes there are good prospects for capital appreciation over time. The population is experiencing considerable growth and Clark Air Base is attracting international companies because of the tax advantages. Our mission is to assist foreign nationals who wish to invest in the local real estate market to do so safely and profitably.


Capital gains for real estate are currently running at an annualised 8% in the Angeles City area when viewed over a 10 year period. Off-plan developments offer an attractive 25% capital appreciation from time of purchase to the completion of the structure.


Yields range from 8% on single family homes to 12% on townhouses providing an excellent inflation hedge whilst collecting monthly cash income from tenants. This compares favourably with the condominium market.



ROJO8 Corporation is fully compliant :

Securities and Exchange Commission

Bureau of Internal Revenue

Angeles City Hall 

SECCertificate of Incorporation
BIR - Certificate of Registration

Certificate of Zoning Compliance 
Fire Safety Inspection Certificate

Business Licence Plate
Business Permit

Sanitary Permit