ROJO8 Solutions offers a unique custodian service to protect foreign homeowners in the Philippines. Our company acts as a third party trustee offering a 50 year renewable lease. Clients are able to stop the service, sell their property or transfer land titles at any time. ROJO8 makes buying your home safe and flexible while avoiding the demands and expense of establishing a corporation for ownership purposes. The cost and hassle of incorporation is considerable. Foreigners are allowed to own 40% of a Philippine registered company and must have, in addition, a minimum of four directors who are Philippine nationals. Articles of Incorporation, BIR compliance for taxation and City Hall business permits can be frustrating, time consuming, problematic and expensive. ROJO8 provides a secure and affordable way to have all of the advantages while avoiding the trouble and expense of compliance. Our company is registered with the SEC and BIR, has Barangay Clearance and full Business permits with City Hall. Our clients hold all original land titles in their possession, have full Power of Attorney over their property and are free to sell at any time. Rojo8 will transfer title deeds into any name provided to us in writing within 30 days. We remove the stress and complexity  of registering a company while substantially reducing both initial and ongoing costs for our clients.


Typical costs involved WITHOUT Rojo8 Solutions Services : 

Legal fees                                                                                                           50,000 pesos

Cost of incorporation                                                                              90,000  pesos  

Accountant on monthly retainer                                                   20,000 pesos   (annual)

Costs of Barangay/BIR/SEC/City Hall compliance          40,000 pesos   (annual)


Typical costs of 5/10 year home 'ownership'

 Year 1-   200,000
 Year 2 -  60,000
 Year 3 -  60,000
 Year 4 -  60,000
 Year 5 -  60,000

Total over 5 years         440,000
Rojo8 price              180,000
Saving                                  260,000

Total over 10 years     740,000
Rojo8 price             180,000
Saving                                  560,000


Rojo8 Fees

One time payment - all inclusive                           180,000 pesos*


In both cases there are two major costs that buyers need to be aware of in their calculations : 

Transfer Tax  ( into Rojo8 Corporation )                                                  0.75% of Assessed Valuation

Registration of  TCT  ( Transfer Certification Title )

Banded rates set by City Hall : currently 22,500 pesos for property valued at 3 million pesos


* price is for Luzon only. Other provinces have additional charges for expenses incurred.